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Debbie Smith

co-owner of Serenity Hair and Spa

Debbie has always had a passion for being a hairstylist since she was a girl. She migrated to the USA in 1978 and decided to pursue a career in the banking industry for 12 years then. She was inspired to attend cosmetology school and then chose her true passion as a full time cosmetologist. She sharpened her skills by attending the prestigious Dudley Cosmetology advanced program in North Carolina whilst pregnant with her daughter Nakia.

She decided to have her own salon in 1993 named Hair and Motion, located in North Miami Beach, FL. She had a full-service and professional salon with several stylists and employees, who she educated and groomed to become the best stylists in the south Florida area. In 2009, Debbie was inspired to change the name of her business to Serenity Hair and Spa because her vision is to have a place where women are fully rejuvenated after each experience. In 2011, Debbie began hosting a day of pampering, once a month, for the women at the battered shelter in Miami, FL. This was her way of giving back to her community in a way that was most special to her because of her compassion for women.